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  If you’ve been following my install guide series for ProSphere 1.7 you know that we have already installed the ProSphere vApp, we setup the discovery of the the VNX and in my last blog, we setup the discovery of the VMware Infrastructure.  The next step is to add in the fabric switch information.  In […]

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  Hopefully you had a chance to review my “How to install ProSphere” blog post and are now ready to continue adding more discovery objects into ProSphere to get a larger overview of your environment.  The next object we will be adding is our VMware vSphere infrastructure.  This will get us one step closer to […]

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<Update May 21st ProSphere was updated to 2.0, the install is still the same) <Updated Jan 14th to include links to setting up VMware with ProSphere, and Cisco Switches – links at the bottom> In December, the Storage Resource Management Suite was updated and with that came ProSphere 1.7.  If you are not familiar with […]

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  From time to time I’ve needed to get Solutions Enabler setup for various different reasons, on various different lab environments, as well as helping customers get this setup for things like VASA and ProSphere.  I figured I might as well document it and publish it so that in another 3 months, when I need […]

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  Hopefully you read my blog post around IT Transformation.  If you recall, the whole movement around IT Transformation is the understanding that various companies’ differentiated value is coming more and more from their customer facing Applications.  Because of this, more and more attention needs to be focused on these applications.  This is driving the […]

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