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Have you ever heard the expression “The only thing not being created anymore is time”?  I used to hear that often growing up.  Back then it made little sense to me but as I got older, married, started a career and then had kids it seems that the hours in the day are shrinking and […]

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So, we are a couple of days away from Christmas and the craziness that comes with it!! I know a few people that are giving themselves “iPads” for Christmas!!  That’s my kind of gift 🙂  Since my hope is many of you will be getting iPads soon, I thought I would list out some of […]

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  Stop me if you’ve heard this one, “This is the year of the virtual desktop”!!  Hell, I think I’ve even said it a few times!!  It’s usually met with the same response “Seriously Trogden, if I hear that one more time, I’m going to pull my hair out!!”.  You know what usually happens after […]

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  Some follow up PCoIP Questions. On Wednesday (12/15/2010) I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of people in Troy Michigan (my slide deck is at the bottom).  This was a discussion around “Why EMC for VMware View”.  We discussed all the benefits of a secure virtual desktop as well as the scalability and […]

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  The Home Lab If you are not familiar with the vSpecialist group over at EMC, we are a bunch of A.D.D nerds that love to tinker with stuff.  Most, if not everyone in the group has some sort of “VMware home lab” they use to help stay current on things as well as a […]

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  My “Journey to the Private cloud”  post got me thinking (you know you want to say it “uh oh, he’s thinking”) and specifically the part about pure play Service Providers like Savvis, Terremark, Amazon S3 and even utility providers like Verizon and AT&T etc.  It’s dawning on me that these companies have the potential […]

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The Journey to the Private Cloud I had an interesting epiphany last week while shadowing on some Executive Briefings.  So, in my last blog I wrote about what interested me in the Vblock architecture, especially around the compatibility matrix and all the components that integrate in the stack.  The fact that the EMC Vblock takes […]

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Welcome to my first blog as an EMC vSpecialist !!  One of the things that fascinated me the most prior to moving over to EMC was Vblock.  In my prior life, I never really ran into it too much but I kept up with it from some of the other bloggers.  Now, I’m not going […]

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Welcome to vtexan.com First and foremost welcome to vTexan.com !!!  For those of you that followed me over at StorageTexan I thank you for your continued support!!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to start this new journey.  It’s both terrifying and exciting all at the same time !!  Make sure you e-mail […]

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