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What an amazing time to be in the technology sector and information infrastructure as aimage whole.  So many things going on, so many opportunities and so much information to consume.  It can sometimes be overwhelming to say the least.  So what does this all mean?  Communities are a great place to help bridge all of these type of things.  With that said, and with GREAT Texas Pride Gina Minks (@GMinks) , Scott Hanson (@CiscoServerGeek) and I (@vTexan) would like to announce the Techxans Slack Team open to all Texans (near and far) Smile  All you need to do is download the Slack app, and then point it to and register. 


We have a few rules – mostly around “Just be cool, and don’t be a jerk” – other than that, we’ll see how this goes.  Smile

HOWTO Setup and Install:

In order to get access to this slack group, we will need you to tweet with the hashtag #Techxans and we can reach out to you to get you access (its based on an email invite so send that to us in twitter as well) – you can also send us your email address and we can send you a direct link. 

For those of you that are unaware of Slack allow me to help you through a few things. 

1.First go and download Slack and then hit the + Symbol to add your slack team.  It should look like this:




2. Now just enter in your email credentials  and create a password and click signin


3.  So Gina, Scott and I have setup some channels so make sure you click the Add Channel and subscribe to them.  We broke them out by city but we’ve also created some Texas wide ones as



Look forward to seeing ya’ll on Slack !!



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  2. Robin says:

    Please add me!

  3. Rick Smith says:

    Hello. Would it be possible to get an invite to the Techxans slack channel

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